Wednesday, 3 August 2016

10 Festival Essentials

Hello people. I have provided you with 10 must have essentials for any festival. I have devised this list from previous experiences and I think you will appreciate this list. Tomorrow I am going to Wilderness festival, which I am super excited for. Check it out on their website, I highly recommend it. 

No.1 Polaroid Camera/ disposable.

A Polaroid or disposable camera is perfect for a festival, as you can catch the moments in an instant. They also create a really lovely vintagey' style to the photographs, which I think is super nice. I bought my Polaroid from Argos, but you can buy from Amazon, Urban Outfitters or some internet stores also. I know my friends take disposable's which you can get from any large supermarket store. 

No.2 Bum Bag. 

A bum bag is so handy for all of your little bits n bobs which you really don't want to carry by hand. If you wear shorts or skirts, with belt straps, then a bumbag easily replaces the belt aspect. But also because it is at the front of you, you know yourself that you are completely in control of who enters it. The bum bag is also a very typical festival accessory. Mine is from ASOS, I noticed they have a rather large selection you can choose from. 

No.3 Colorful Eye shadows.

Go crazy with color. If you are quite shy when expressing color in your day to day life, then a festival is wear you can really go wild with color. Eye shadows are key, as well as using them on your eyes, you can use them as a highlighter. This year in particular, gel glitters and face sequins are really the must have festival make-ups. My palette is by Sleek, and I find that the colors are intense when applied to the face (which is a good thing).

No.4. Torch/ Lantern.

Crazy individuals, it is a massive mistake if you don't take a touch or lantern. They are completely needed. When you go back to your tent it is completely pitch back - you need to see where your going, you need to be able to see inside the tent and to see inside the portable toilet. I bought my large torch from Trespass.

No.5 Floaty Dress 

Having a pretty, floaty and printed dress is an ideal festival outfit - at a festival you want to feel pretty and comfortable. You can get one from any shop, mine is from Urban Outfitters, and I absolutely love it. I tend to wear floaty dresses in the day, with body jewelry, a flower headband, and black gladiator sandals. with my camera around my neck. 

No.6 Bandanna.

When you get out of the lake, or come out of the shower lovely people, you need to get your hair out of your face. A bandanna is perfect, as well as looking stylish. You simply roll up thinly and tie in a knot onto your head. Mine is a simple one, from H&M, but you can get ones with many colorful prints on also, which is even more ideal for a festival. 

No.7 Portable Phone Charger. 

Portable Phone Chargers are very important items. When your phone is at it's very lowest and your only half way through your festival, you will be craving for one. Mine is from Primark, and it is able to charge your phone twice. What I tend to do is, fully charge my phone before I go, and when it is at 5% recharge it. And then do the same again. This will allow you to use your phone with no worries. 

No.8 Henna.

I personally love Henna as I think it is so pretty and perfect for a festival, as you wouldn't be aloud it at school or work. You can get it done professionally, which can be quite expensive, or buy henna tubes, and do it on yourself, or get a friend to do it for you. Buying Henna though can be quite dangerous, make sure you buy natural and not black, because black henna is poisonous and is very dangerous for humans. I bought mine from Amazon. 

No.9 Printed 'fat' pants.

Lovely people - it is a tradition to have 'fat' pants for a festival. They are super comfortable, crazy and casual. They maintain your heat, and also keep you cool in the heat (if it is sunny anyway). Mine are from ASOS, in which they have a huge selection. The more crazy they are, the better. Have fun choosing. 

No.10 Flower Headbands. 

Hello. In a festival a flower headband is the only place you can really wear one. I think they are super pretty and go with any outfit in which you wear. Wear your hair down, with little plats extra, and allow the ivy ties to fall with your hair. I bought mine on a little market shop in Cornwall, but you can buy them from many accessory shops, such as Accessorize or Clare's. 

Tell me what you think. If you are going to a festival have a crazy time. I will speak to you when I get back from mine. Follow me on Instagram 'ElizabethGoodrick'. 

I'll talk soon beautiful people. 


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