Sunday, 3 April 2016

Outfit of the 'Workday'

Hello, beautiful individuals, I am presenting you with one of my favorite workin' outfits. I obviously go to college, but I still dress smart (as if i'm a working woman). I am personally someone who expresses many fashion styles, so when i'm going to college, I love to really push colour, and try to use bold prints within what i'm wearing. I don't tend to wear much of my 'work wear' outside of college time, as I really like to mix my fashion styles up. 

Illustration by myself - Elizabeth Maria Goodrick

Rusty Red Fitted Jacket - Zara 
Black A-Line skirt - Topshop 
Mixed striped shirt - Missguided 
Black industrial shoes - Topshop 
Gorgeous People, I love this outfit for many reasons, but mainly for the flattering dynamic of the overall look. Firstly the parallel striped shirt leads the eye towards the waist, where the A-Lined skirt nicely sits, which makes the eye think your waist is smaller. The solid black skirt follows through to then meet the black tights (I wear tights in the cold English weather, but once it's warm enough, don't wear them if you feel comfortable enough). Lastly I then wear a bold rusty red Jacket to break all the black colours up, I finish by wearing industrial black leather shoes, which balances the black colours together. 

Lovelies, I tend to wear striking and smart clothes for college, as it expresses my personality - I do purely creative subjects as well, so I also think that by expressing a mixture of print and colour is important for me creatively. Colour and print is a massive part of the fashion industry, but I feel that many people of my age group are too afraid the push their own boundary's when it comes to it, so beauties don't be afraid to wear a bold colour or a geometrical print - release your inner colour thoughts, to express your own personality.  

I'll talk soon beautiful people.



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