Monday, 13 June 2016

Outfit of the week

Hello beautiful people, I have been wearing this outfit a lot over the last week and so... since the British weather has been marvelous. I think it's very chill, yet perfect for the best of British weather. Mustard yellow is very 'in' this summer, and is perfect for you to co-ordinate with the sunflowers around.

Illustration by myself: Elizabeth Maria Goodrick

Cap: Adidas (from Asos)
Yellow Graphic Tee: Topshop
A-Line Denim Skirt: Asos
Black Belt: H&M
Orange trainers: New balance

Lovely People, this outfit is very casual and is perfect for British heat because you are bare legged. The denim skirt is quite heavy and due to denim being a thick material it keeps you slightly warm. Tie up your tee at your waist, to demonstrate your silhouette in a subtle manner, yet this keeps you cool in a random British heat wave. I accessorize with a cap, which I wear backwards, this stops your scalp from burning and allows you to where your sunglasses. The black leather belt co-ordinates with the text on the tee, and with the sunglasses. Finally crazy people the cap adds a sporty element to the outfit and the New Balance trainers finishes the whole look. 

I hope you like the look lovely people, tell me what you think and follow me on Instagram - Elizabethgoodrick.

I'll talk soon beautiful people.


Photography by 'just_eve'-Instagram 

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