Monday, 18 July 2016

6 'British Summer' Late-Afternoon Outfits

Hello beautiful people, I am presenting you with 6 Mid-Afternoon summer inspired outfits, which I think is perfect for our British weather. As you are all probably aware the British Summer weather is pretty poor at the moment - but hopefully soon we will see the sun proudly sitting on a blue sheet. Within my outfits I demonstrate a running theme of dark floral's, and bold neutrals. This theme is ideal for our British summer, especially within the late-afternoon to evening, out at the village pub with family, or having tea n'cake with your friends in the garden. 

Black Lace Bralet - Urban Outfitters 
Mustard Sheer Top - Topshop 
Black Lace Collarless Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Levi Denim Shorts - Thriftshop 
Button Down Denim Skirt - Asos 
White Floral Wedges - Clark's 
Black Heeled Sandals - Clark's  

Wonderful individuals, the mustard yellow sheer top and the Levi shorts create a casual and elegant look, perfect for a British summer late-afternoon, where bare legs as when else can you do so, and finish with a pair of chunky wedges! The next outfit is a little more elegant and totally suitable if there's a chill in the air, the black collarless shirt co-ordinates nicely with the black heeled sandals, balancing the whole outfit - the denim skirt is in style at the moment, and is lovely in Britain's sun as it keeps us slightly warm, but having bare legs help to cool us down if we get too hot.

Low V-Neck Floral Play- suit - Urban Outfitters
Black Lace Bralet - Urban Outfitters  
Orange Trainers - New balance 
Dark Floral Blouse - Topshop 
Black Denim A-Line Skirt - Topshop 
Black Sandals - Topshop 

People of the world, this next outfit is a dark floral playsuit, perfect I think for our British summer, as you can have bare legs, but the black and white contrast makes it feel slightly more warmer for Britain, you can get a similar playsuit from any high street shop. They are very simple and easy to wear. Style with trainers, to create a casual look. The following outfit is really cute and simple. Having a dark floral blouse tucked into a black denim A-line skirt is very flattering, bare legs is perfect for the summer evenings, finished with a pair of traditional black sandals, the sandals create a casual look.

Grey Sports bra - Calvin Klein 
Rust Pinafore Dress - Urban Outfitters 
Black Sandals - Topshop 
White linen shirt - New Look 
Grey & White Striped skirt - New Look 
Black leather-look Loafers - Topshop 

Bonjour, I think these last two outfits are my favorite. Firstly, pinafore dresses have completely returned back into our generation, and they are now modernizing them by using cord material and bold colors - which I love. These are perfect for summer, especially in Britain because they are slightly heavy and provide you with slight warmth. I styled mine with a Calvin Klein Sports bra, which I love and starting to collect, and my very comfortable Black flat sandals, which you will be able to buy a pair from any high street brand. The last outfit is supper cute and pretty, a white linen shirt, totally screams summer, as it keeps you cool! and a statement skirt, which basically draws your eyes into the outfit. I casually put some black leather-look loafers with the outfit, to not make it too fancy. 

I hope that you love my outfit ideas for a British summers late-afternoon - give me some feedback to tell me what you think - and follow me on Instagram 'elizabeth Goodrick' & also follow the co-star 'just_eve'. 

I'll talk soon beautiful people. 




  1. That rust pinafore dress is absolutely gorgeous! :) xxx

    Sarah Sarah Smiles

  2. I love the CK bralette and pinafore dress combo! I'll have to give that a go with a pair of dungarees!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Yes I also love that look too !! Thank You!

  3. Definitely have to agree with everyone else about that pinafore dress! It's beautiful! Thanks for the summer look ideas :)

    1. Thank You so much, I hope i have inspired!


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