Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Creating a Feature Wall

Hello beautiful people, within this post I am going to demonstrate how to create a simple and very effective wall feature from using any resourceful material you like. Now firstly I want to express that a 'wall feature' is very personal to you and its about making a wall become more purposeful. It's personal to you because obviously not everyone likes the same visual resource, and what I mean by 'visual resource' is a card, poster, magazine advertisement etc.

Lovelies, with my wall feature in mind, over a few weeks I collected a selection of cards, postcards, magazine adverts, and created some hand drawings. All varying in different sizes, this makes the wall feature look more visually appealing. Beauties, my visual resources all appeal to me, and some have an important reason behind them, which is nice for me because when I look at certain cards, or postcards, I have a nice memory to think of. So when creating your own, consider this aspect.

Lovely individuals, find a plain and boring wall within your desired room and start collecting your resources. So I started with a very small and boring wall which my fire place is on, my TV and a few objects. But to start my feature wall I wanted to create a three-dimensional aspect to the feature, this is when I got given (very lucky) a handmade tree stump thread letter, made by ISOBELMARIAN.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK, and for Christmas a RADLEY bag. By placing the handmade letter on the wall and hanging the bag off a fabric covered hanger, it creates more interest to the eye as there are different depths to the wall as well as sizes. 

The three-dimensional aspects should be spread apart so that the whole wall is balanced. You should try and add this factor into your feature wall. The next very important factor is how you arrange your resources. Try to not put the same sized picture next to one another, and stick them about 1cm apart.

Crazy people, create a pathway to lead the eye. This depends on the size of your wall, but with my wall, it is long and thin, therefore I start the wall feature from the top left hand corner down to the bottom right hand corner, this leads your eyes from the top of the wall to the bottom - this creates more interest to the eye.

Lovely people, I hope you all find this idea interesting, and think it is useful, I also hope you create a feature wall and if so, send a picture of it via email to 'elizabethgoodrick@gmail.com' and follow me on Instagram 'elizabethgoodrick'...

I'll talk soon beautiful people. 

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