Wednesday, 23 March 2016

An Easter Gift

Hello, beautiful individuals, hope your feeling the Easter Spirit as much as I am!! You can really feel the beginning of Spring! Exciting! It only means that summer is coming closer. Thought I would share with you a cute and simplistic Easter Gift Idea, that is truly personal and treasured. Lovely people, your friends hopefully will really like it!

Fellow ones, the whole idea behind this is to give your friend, loved ones, etc, an Easter egg which they keep forever. Mono Printing 'the artsy word for this style of drawing' is quite an easy and bespoke way to create a simple but personal drawing. Even though it's not necessarily a skilled picture, the vintage and simple nature of the art makes up for this downfall.  

Beauties, I firstly drew out some simple Easter egg designs onto A5 (normal plain paper) with a black pen, make sure that somewhere within the design you write the name of the person whom is special enough to receive this. If you are not good at drawing, you can easily print out an Easter Egg design from the internet...

... After producing your designs, you simply apply mono ink (black) onto the back of the designs. Make sure the ink is spread out evenly in a thin layer, you can use a mono roller or a rolling pin (covered in cling-film), make sure that any excess ink is removed...

... after spreading the ink evenly out, place the inked side faced down on white card and redraw over the Easter Egg design in a firm manner, try not to put to much pressure on the paper with your fingers and hand...

...After redrawing over your design, carefully peel the design off the white card...

...neatly cut out the printed design and mount it in a white mount - you can see that the outcome produces a vintage and distressed look to the original design.

Overall gorgeous people it's simply a cute gift for Easter which whom ever you give it too knows you spent time on producing a completely original drawing for them.

I'll talk soon beautiful people.



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